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OCT 2018

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Operations , Chris Davis; Project Engineers, Tim Bray, Joe Janke, Ammar Fallaha, Steve Cross and Christy Ellis; Structural Superintendent: Douglass Somers; Tunnel & Site Superintendent, e Perdomo, Jerrod Hubbell. OHIO Cleveland Doan Valley Relief and Consolidation Sewer Triad Engineering and Contracting Co. This $13.5 million project f egional Sewer District includes 3,137 lf of 72-in. diameter sewer via trenchless methods (2,007 lf by conventional two-pass methods, 1,130 lf by microtunneling). Also included is 1,475 lf of 48-in. sewer by open- cut methods, three flow control structures, eight manholes, one cast-in-place manhole and modification of one regulator structure. Ground conditions vary from shale bedrock to clay till, sandy clay and some sand seams with water. As of September, the project just mobilized with sites being set up and the microtunneling launch shaft started. Super Excavators is the microtunneling subcontractor. Project Personnel: Construction Supervisor: Anthony Vitale; Tunnel D v .E.; Triad – Proje Philip Kassouf; Project Superintendent: Rick Chipka Jr.; Tunnel Superintendent/Engineer: Brad Kassouf. Assistant Project Engineer: Art Hanus. Cleveland East 140th Consolidation and Relief Sewer Triad/McNally JV (Triad Engineering and Contracting Co; C&M McNally Underground Inc.) This $69 million project f egional Sewer District comprises 14,000 lf of 60- to 84-in. tunnel, eight access shafts, 6,800 lf of 12- to 54-in. diameter consolidation and relief sewers, three detention basins, 12,000 ft of 12- to 54-in. storm sewers, regulator improvements, and junction chambers. All tunnels are completed and lined. Junction chambers and connecting structures are underway. Final completion is expected by August 2019. Project Personnel – ervisor: Scott Keith; Tunnel Designer: DLZ: T f Kass John Teahen; Proje ouf; Eq Rick Chipka; Tunnel Superintendent: James Lowery. Cleveland London Road Relief Sewer Triad/McNally JV (Triad Engineering and Contracting Co; C&M McNally Underground Inc.) T etween 7 and 9.5-ft bored diameter f egional Sewer District. Also included in the $39.6 million project are six shafts, eight diversion structures, junctions and manholes, modifications to six regulators, and 870 lf of sewers by open-cu tion was to begin the week of Sept. 17. Crews are using two refurbished L TP was issued July 31, 2018, with substantial completion within 730 calendar days and final completion within 850 calendar days. Project Personnel: obert Aub ervis tthew Waite; Tunnel Designer: R f Kassouf; Assistant JV John Teahen; Project Philip Kassouf, P.E.; Tunnel Superintendent: James Lowery; Project Engine tthew Bennett, Brad Kassouf. Cleveland Westerly Storage Tunnel Jay Dee/Obayashi JV This is a $135 million project f egional Sewer District that comprises 9,600 lf of 25-ft finished ID CSO tunnel completely in Chagrin shale, excavated with a 28-ft diameter shielded ro d with precast concrete segments. There are three deep shafts: • WST-1 receival shaft): 46-ft diameter, 229 ft deep (95 ft in fill/sediments, rest in Chagrin shale) • WST-2: 12-ft diameter, 267 ft deep (170 ft in fill/sediments, rest in Chagrin shale) • WST , 210 ft deep (145 ft in fill/sediments, rest in Chagrin shale) Support of excavation for all shafts is slurry walls in soil and wire mesh/rock bolts/shotcrete in rock. Excavation of all shafts will be done with an excavator with bucket and vibrating ripper attachment. The project also includes underground gate structures and gate control structures at both WST-2 and WST-3; 50 lf of 5-ft ID adit; 90 lf of 46-in. sewer, and miscellaneous modifications to existing sewers. The project is approximately 10% complete. Recent activities include: site preparations at site WST-3; Installation of support of excavation for the soil portion of shaft WST-3 (eight approximately 145-ft deep unreinforced slurry wall panels requiring approximately 4,300 cu yd of concrete; and Site preparations at site WST-1. 4 3 TUNNELINGONLINE.COM TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // OCTOBER 2018 T U N N E L U P D AT E S

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