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DEC 2018

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TUNNELINGONLINE.COM 1 8 TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // DECEMBER 2018 C O V E R S T O R Y holders, which enabled diligent coordi- nation between the community and the construction team. "The WSP team, with the support of CDOT, developed a comprehensive com- munication plan for construction. The plan empowered the construction team and community partners to proactively resolve potential impacts from con- struction operations and align efforts with the best interest of the community in order to achieve and maintain suc- cess at varying levels and perspectives," Jaramilla said. The communication plan was de- signed to make sure construction up- dates, potential disruptions and other notifications were distributed in a time- ly manner to stakeholders, contractors, utility companies, a transit bus agency, multiple university campuses, a hospi- tal adjacent to the construction, local businesses and residents impacted by construction. Jaramilla added that WSP performed close communication with representa- tives from a nearby hospital during con- trolled blasting operations to coordinate and eliminate schedule conflicts with sensitive medical equipment during blast rounds. "These risks were identified through our team's public awareness initiative and constant communication with the ward alderman and the hospital during construction start-up," Jaramilla said. He expects the successful communi- cation plan to have an impact on future WSP projects as well. "I intend on mod- eling our team communication plan for future projects to emulate its success with the adjacent public and continue to demonstrate our leadership skill set in the construction community," Jara- milla said. Satisfaction and Relief The public reaction has been one of satisfaction and relief. "The tunnel is a success on multiple levels," Jaramilla said. "It is operating as intended and it is assisting in the construction staging for some separate instream improvement projects currently underway down- stream from the inlet." yor Rahm Emanuel – who visited the tunnel during construction in April 2017 and detonated a blast dur- ing his tour that was used to excavate the remaining rock near the bottom of the shaft – returned for the recent grand opening ceremony. "A project of this magnitude takes teamwork," Rahm said at the July 24 ceremony. "We are very pleased to work with our partners to deliver the 21st Cen- tury infrastructure that the residents of this neighborhood need and deserve." Jaramilla was grateful to have the op- portunity to work with the WSP team on a project that will make a big improve- ment on the quality of life for thousands of Chicago residents. "The City of Chicago made a pledge to its residents to resolve the significant hardships of flooding in the Albany neighborhood," Jaramilla said. "This eight-year project – from planning to completion – was made possible with trust and teamwork across multiple groups. The team effort required to over- come the challenges this project posed embodies the identity of Chicago." This article was contributed by WSP with additional information provided by The Robbins Company and Kenny Construction Co. , a Granite Construction company.

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