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DEC 2018

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4 2 D I R E C T O R Y L I S T I N G S TUNNELINGONLINE.COM TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // DECEMBER 2018 Forest City Erectors, Inc 8200 Boyle Parkway Twinsburg, OH 44087 USA Phone: 330-425-7185 E-mail: mariannerolfe10@gmail.com Web Site: www.forestcityerectors.com Demolition (C), Concrete/Grout Pumps, Concrete/ Concrete Additives, Conveyor Equipment, Cranes & Hoists, Concrete Reinforcement, Construction Man- agement, Engineering/Design, Design/Build (P) Fortius Bert Kriekemans , CEO Grasbos 50 Brabant, 3294 Belgium Phone: 32 13326873 E-mail: info@fortius.be Web Site: www.fortius.be Grout, Pipe-Composite/FRP, Reinforcing Fiber, Coat- ings, Concrete Reinforcement Foundation Engineering Inc Farid Sariosseiri , P.E 8380 SW Nimbus Ave. Beaverton, OR 97008 USA E-mail: fxs@foundationengr.com Geotechnical Foxfire Constructors, Inc. Bill Martin , Owner PO Box 74206 San Clemente, CA 92673 USA Phone: 949-240-8786 E-mail: bill@minedev.com Web Site: www.minedev.com Drilling, Large Diameter Tunneling, Raise Bore, Tunnel Support (C), Tunnel Linings (C), Shafts, Grouting ASCE FoxFury Lighting Solutions Phillip Spencer , Industrial Sales 2091 Elevado Hills Dr. Vista, CA 92084 USA Phone: 760-945-4231 E-mail: sales@foxfury.com Web Site: www.foxfury.com Safety (M), Lighting Frank Coluccio Construction Co. Don Bergman , Chief Estimator 9600 Martin Luther King Way S. Seattle, WA 98118 USA Phone: 206-722-5306 Fax: 206-725-4764 E-mail: don@coluccio.com Web Site: www.coluccio.com Drilling, Shafts, Pipe Jacking (C), Microtunneling, Dewatering, Auger Boring, Relining, Tunnel Linings (C), Tunnel Support (C), Large Diameter Shaft Drilling, Jet Grouting, Large Diameter Tunneling, Grouting NUCA Frantz Ward LLP Ian Frank , Partner 200 Public Square Ste. 3000 Cleveland, OH 44114 USA Phone: 216-515-1660 E-mail: ifrank@frantzward.com Web Site: www.frantzward.com Disputes Review, Legal FTI Consulting Inc. Neil Gaudion , Sr. Managing Director 1201 W. Peachtree St. Ste. 500 Atlanta, GA 30309 USA Phone: 404-460-6263 TollFree: 404-270-1437 E-mail: neil.gaudion@fticonsulting.com Web Site: www.fticonsulting.com/industries/cs Consultant (P), Cost Estimation, Disputes Review, Legal, Forensic ASCE Fugro Consultants Inc. Bruce Bailey , Sr. Engineering Consultant 2880 Virgo Ln. Dallas, TX 75229 USA Phone: 972-484-8301 Fax: 972-620-7328 E-mail: bbailey@fugro.com Web Site: www.fugro.com Geotechnical ASCE Gall Zeidler Consultants Vojtech Gall , Principal Kurt Zeidler , Principal 44345 Premier Plaza Ste. 131 Ashburn, VA 20147 USA Phone: 703-726-2700 E-mail: office@gzconsultants.com Web Site: www.gzconsultants.com Consultant (P), Construction Management, Engineer- ing/Design, Design/Build (P), Tunnel Inspections, Geotechnical, Forensic, Demolition (P) ASCE Gary Carlson Equipment Co. Gary Carlson , President 1380 W. County Rd. C Roseville, MN 55113 USA Phone: 763-792-9123 Fax: 651-789-0114 E-mail: garycarlson@garycarlsonequip.com Web Site: www.garycarlsonequip.com Concrete/Grout Pumps, Equipment Rentals, Pumps, Grout Pumps, Shotcrete NUCA Gasket Engineering Boyd Comfort , Partner 4500 E. 75th Terrace Kansas City, MO 64132 USA Phone: 816-363-8333 E-mail: gecsales@gasketeng.com Web Site: www.gasketeng.com Seals, Ventilation, Noise Control, Vibration/Noise Monitoring GCP Applied Technologies Inc. Diego Granell , Global Mktg. Mgr. 62 Whittemore Ave. Cambridge, MA 2118 USA Phone: 617-876-1400 E-mail: diego.granell@gcpat.com Web Site: www.gcpat.com Grout, Shotcrete/Shotcrete Additives, Concrete/Con- crete Additives, Soil Stabilization, Reinforcing Fiber GEC Drilling & Grouting Inc. Brad Crenshaw , GM 810 E. Gov. John Seveir Hwy., Unit D Knoxville, TN 37920 USA Phone: 678-296-9901 E-mail: bacrenshaw@gmail.com Web Site: www.drill-grout.com Drilling, Grouting GEI Consultants 455 Winding Brook Dr. Glastonbury, CT 6033 USA Phone: 860-368-5300 Fax: 860-368-5307 Web Site: www.geiconsultants.com Engineering/Design, Demolition (P), Forensic, Envi- ronmental Studies, Safety (P), Disputes Review, Cost Estimation, Geotechnical, Design/Build (P), Engineer- ing/Design, Construction Management, Consultant (P), Vibration/Noise Monitoring, Site Investigation/ Survey, Environmental Studies, Geotechnical, Dust Control (P) Geocomp Corp. Gary Torosian, COO Britt-Anya Bursell, Marketing Manager 125 Nagog Park Acton, MA 1720 USA Phone: 978-635-0012 Fax: 978-635-0266 TollFree: 800-434-1062 E-mail: bbursell@geocomp.com Web Site: www.geocomp.com Monitoring/Geotechnical Instrumentation, Seismo- graphs, Monitoring Equipment, Soil Stabilization, Noise Control, Engineering/Design, Geotechnical, Vibration/Noise Monitoring ASCE GeoConSol Inc. Dr. Peter J. Tarkoy 176 Western Ave. Sherborn, MA 1770 USA Phone: 508-650-3600 Fax: 509-479-5400 E-mail: pjt@geoconsol.com Web Site: www.geoconsol.com Consultant (P), Engineering/Design, Geotechnical, Disputes Review, Safety (P), Legal ASCE GeoConstruction Consulting Lawrence Gruner , Tech. Dir./Eng. Geologist 505 Page Ave. Allenhurst, NJ 7711 USA Phone: 732-915-3444 Fax: 732-663-1421 E-mail: lbgruner@alumni.princeton.com Consultant (P), Construction Management, Geotech- nical, Disputes Review, Geophysical ASCE Geoform Canada Ltd. Ediz Vural , Director, Geotechnical Engineer 700 Third Line Ste. 156 Oakville, ON L6L 4B1 Canada Phone: 416-900-8370 E-mail: ediz@geoformcanada.com Web Site: www.geoformcanada.com Grouting, Tunnel Support (M), Rock Bolts, Soil Stabilization, Ventilation, Concrete/Grout Pumps, Geotechnical, Tunnel Inspections, Ventilation Design & Noise Control, Consultant (P) TAC Geokon Inc. Chuck Chamley , Sales Mgr. 48 Spencer St. Lebanon, NH 3766 USA Phone: 603-448-1562 Fax: 603-448-3216 E-mail: info@geokon.com Web Site: www.geokon.com Used/Rental Equipment, Monitoring/Geotechnical Instrumentation, Monitoring Equipment, Equipment Rentals, Survey/Guidance Instrumentation ASCE Geolabs Inc. Robin M. Lim , VP Clayton S. Mimura , President 2006 Kalihi St. Honolulu, HI 96819 USA Phone: 808-841-5064 Fax: 808-847-1749 E-mail: robin@geolabs.net Web Site: www.geolabs.net Site Investigation/Survey, Geotechnical, Vibration/ Noise Monitoring ASCE George Butler Associates Inc. Gary Beck, P.E. , Sr. Associate 9801 Renner Blvd. Ste. 3000 Lenexa, KS 66219 USA Phone: 913-492-0400 Fax: 913-577-8200 E-mail: gba@gbateam.com Web Site: www.gbateam.com Site Investigation/Survey, Consultant (P), Construc- tion Management, Engineering/Design, Design/Build (P), Cost Estimation, Environmental Studies, Engineer- ing Software, Demolition (P) ASCE George Throop Co. Adam Throop , Sales Mgr. Jeff Throop , President 444 N. Fair Oaks Pasadena, CA 91103 USA Phone: 626-796-0285 E-mail: adam@throop.com Web Site: www.throop.com Concrete/Concrete Additives, Shotcrete GeoStructures Inc. Luis Gonzalez, New Prod. Implementation Darrell Wilder, Sr. Sales Eng.-Special Projects 413 Browning Ct. Purcellville, VA 20132 USA Phone: 703-771-9844 TollFree: 610-656-4434 E-mail: dwilder@geostructures.com Web Site: www.geostructures.com Slurry Wall, Auger Boring, Microtunneling, Pipe Jack- ing (C), Shafts, Engineering/Design, Design/Build (P) ASCE, MOLES, UCA of SME Geotech Engineering & Testing David A. Eastwood , PE, President Stephen Rohrer , Dir. of Bus. Development 800 Victoria Dr. Houston, TX 77022-2908 USA Phone: 713-699-4000 Fax: 713-699-9200 E-mail: david.eastwood@geotecheng.com Web Site: www.geotecheng.com Construction Management, Engineering/Design, Geotechnical, Other (P) ASCE GeoTesting Express Inc. Joe Tomei, Director of Testing Services 125 Nagog Park Acton, MA 1720 USA Phone: 978-635-0484 E-mail: jdt@geotesting.com Web Site: www.geotesting.com Geotechnical ASCE Germain Favel Specialized Services Inc. Germain Favel , CEO 64 Parkercove Vernon, BC V1H 2A1 Canada Phone: 250-999-4988 TollFree: 778-233-4988 E-mail: specializedservices@shaw.ca Web Site: www.gfssincorporated.wordpress.com Drilling, Large Diameter Tunneling, Tunnel Linings (C), Auger Boring, Dewatering, Pipe Jacking (C), Shafts GHD Craig Camp , Tunneling & Trenchless Mgr. 9370 Sky Park Court Ste. 140 San Diego, CA 92123 USA Phone: 858-244-0440 Fax: 858-244-0441 E-mail: craig.camp@ghd.com Web Site: www.ghd.com Consultant (P), Construction Management, Engineer- ing/Design, Design/Build (P), Tunnel Inspections ASCE, UCA of SME GHD Khaled Elnabolsy , Tunnelling & Trenchless Service Line Leader (NA) 6705 Millcreek Dr. Unit 1 Mississauga, ON L5N 5M4 Canada Phone: 905-752-4332 E-mail: khaled.elnabolsy@ghd.com Web Site: www.ghd.com Site Investigation/Survey, Environmental Studies, Geophysical, Vibration/Noise Monitoring, Disputes Review, Cost Estimation, Geotechnical, Tunnel Inspec- tions, Design/Build (P), Engineering/Design, Construc- tion Management, Ventilation Design & Noise Control, Consultant (P), Forensic ASCE, TAC GHD Ltd. Bradley Marin, C.E.T , Mgr. of Linear Infra. Chris Hunter, P. Eng , Mgr. of Vertical Infra. 651 Colby Dr. Waterloo, ON N2V 1C2 Canada Phone: 800-265-6102 Fax: 519-884-0525 E-mail: bradley.marin@ghd.com Web Site: www.ghd.com Site Investigation/Survey, Dust Control (P), Demolition (P), Forensic, Environmental Studies, Geophysical, Vi- bration/Noise Monitoring, Safety (P), Disputes Review, Cost Estimation, Geotechnical, Tunnel Inspections, Design/Build (P), Engineering/Design, Construction Management, Consultant (P), Marketing/Advertising ASCE, CATT, NASTT GIW Industries Inc. Pam Welty , Brand Mgr. 5000 Wrightsboro Rd. Grovetown, GA 30813 USA Phone: 706-863-1011 Fax: 706-863-5637 E-mail: marketing@giwindustries.com Web Site: www.giwindustries.com Other (C)

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