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DEC 2018

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8 TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // DECEMBER 2018 The Moles Announce 2019 Award Winners Joseph F o and Dr jalli Ho- urani have been selected for Outstand- ing Achiev a national heavy construction industry professional organization. The awards will be presented a inner at the dnesday o will acc ber Award and Hourani will receiv ber Award. The Principal Speaker for the Awards Dinner will be Lt. General Den- et.), who had a distinguished 42-year care - rine Corps, where he was the first Commander of the Special Operations Command followed by Commander of the Sec editionary Force and most rec orces Command Malandro Joseph F o is the recently retired President of E.E. Cruz & Compan o's distinguished ca- reer in construction has always been guided by his en- thusiasm for problem-solving and a contractor's drive for results. o gained valuable experience work- ing with Elson T. Killam Associates and Anselmi & De- Cicco. Later, He joined E.E. Cruz in 1985, as a project manager. Through the 1980s and 1990s, E.E Cruz grew o's career progressed similarly as he managed many heavy civil and highway proje opolitan area. o was promoted to Division VP in 1997 and became President in 2007. His leadership allowed E.E. Cruz to take on increasingly complex and challenging work f and the P . o's dedication to the construction business extends to his in- volvement in the industry groups that support heavy construction. He was admitte erve esident in 2013 and presently serves as the President of the General Contractors Associa o has been a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and was elected as a Fellow in 2009. He was honored by the Professional Engine ey with their Bonhag Engineer/Constructor of the Year Award in 2010. Hourani A well-known Professor, past Chair of the Civil and Envi- ronmental Engineering Department and current Direc- tor of Graduate Programs at ttan College, Dr. - jalli Hourani is responsible for the largest undergraduate and graduate engineering program a ttan Col- lege. Dr. Hourani is renowned throughout the design and construction industry for his personal touch and dedica- ttan's students and their families. He champione ogram for training c tion. He also conducts the Engineering Awareness Programs for local high schools and has acted to rev ttan College's commitment to diver- sity and inclusion by supporting in Engineering. Dr. Hourani came to the United States from Lebanon to earn his BSCE fr ttan College in 1981. His strong work then propelled him as he receive om Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana, in 1983 and his Doctor of Science in Civil Engineering from Washington University in 1985. Dr. Hourani was awarded Out- standing Teacher at the School of Engineering a ttan College; winner of the James Robbins Excellence in Teaching Award f - ropolitan District; Chi Epsilon, Teacher of the Year in Civil Engineering a ttan College. Tutor Perini Corp., a leading civil, building and spe- cialty construction company, on Aug. 3 announced that its subsidiary, Frontier-Kemper Constructors, has been identified by the Los Angeles Department of Wa- ter and Power (LADWP) as the low bidder for the $121 million River Supply Conduit Improvement Upper Reach – Unit 7 Project (RSC Unit 7). The project was bid earlier this year, with Frontier-Kemper providing the low bid. The customer subsequently opted to re-bid the project, and Frontier-Kemper was again designated as the low bidder. The project is funded by the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, administered by the U.S. Environmen- tal Protection Agency and the State Water Resources Control Board. The scope of work involves installation of approximately 13,260 lf of 78-in. welded steel water line (WSWL), 11,810 lf installed inside a tunnel shored with bolted and gasketed pre-cast concrete tunnel seg- ments. Approximately 490 lf of microtunnel for 78-in. WSWL and approximately 960 lf of 78-in. WSWL will be installed by cut-and-cover methods. Work was scheduled to commence in October 2018 with substantial completion anticipated in December 2021. The contract value is expected to be included in the company's third quarter 2018 backlog. Frontier-Kemper Announces $121 Million Low Bid for LADWP Tunnel B U S I N E S S B R I E F S TUNNELINGONLINE.COM GCP Applied Te ened a state-of-the-art concrete admixture plant in Atsugi, Japan. The manufacturing facility replaces capacity previously produced at GCP's Darex plant which was sold to Henkel. The investment increases production efficiencies while integrating the latest safety and en- vironmental protections. GCP's custom concrete solutions for precast and ready mix customers have been used in large-scale tunneling, building and infrastructure projects, includ- ing the renowned Shinkansen high-speed train net- work, Chubu Odan, Tomei and Chuo Highways, as well ort project in Okinawa. "Japan is a large, technically sophisticated construc- tion market and a key location for GCP," said Gregory E. Poling, GCP's Chief Executive Officer. "For over 50 years we have provided high-quality construction chemicals and technologies to meet the technical de- mands of customers, engineers, and owners building critical infrastructure throughout the country." GCP entered the Japan market in 1960 as a division of W.R. Grace & Co. The specialty construction chemi- cals business provides concrete technologies, materials and services for complex concrete construction and infrastructure projects worldwide. GCP Applied Technologies Opens Plant in Japan

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