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AUG 2017

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Tunneling in the United States has a long and rich history. Of course, the roots of tunneling can be traced much further than the settlement of the Americas – back to ancient civilizations in Babylonia, Egypt, Greece and Rome – but the spirit of entrepre- neurship and expansion that thrives in America has left and a profound and lasting impact on how tunnels are built worldwide. In fact, from the invention of shotcrete to the tunnel boring machine, it can be argued that no other country has had such a significant impact on the way tunnels are built worldwide. Drill- and-blast tunneling, cut-and-cover, dewatering and other ground improvement techniques were indelibly impacted by tunnelers in the United States. To celebrate the legacy of tunneling in the United States, the Underground Construction Association of the Society for Min- ing, Metallurgy and Exploration (UCA of SME) recently published a book titled The History of Tunneling in the United States. The book was compiled by a host of experienced tunneling profession- als and spearheaded by editors Michael F. Roach, Colin A. Law- rence and David R. Klug, and graphics editor W. Brian Fulcher. "We have an amazing history of projects that have been built involving innovative engineering and construction techniques, but yet a majority of people who rely on the infrastructure we build have no idea of the magnitude or the effort it took to get it built. As an industry, we have done a great job in getting things built, but we have not done a good job in showcasing our work. In compiling this book, we set out with the goal to highlight what we do," Klug said. The History of Tunneling in the United States takes the read- er through all facets of tunneling in the United States, begin- ning with the earliest projects and the economic conditions that drove them, through to today's megaprojects and the modern techniques being implemented. Accompanying the text are rich photos and graphics that help tell the tale of U.S. tunneling throughout all eras. "So far we have had a fantastic and very positive response to the book," Fulcher said. "We wanted to create a comprehensive and visual publication – not a technical treatise – to show what the U.S. tunneling industry has accomplished and what it can do going forward to help decision-makers think of tunnels as solu- tions and improvements to society." The History of Tunneling in the United States is broken down into nine chapters covering: 1. The Building of a Nation; 2. Societal Benefits; 3. Railroad Tunnels; 4. Transit Tunnels; 5. Highway Tun- nels; 6. Water Tunnels; 7. Wastewater Tunnels; 8. Innovations in Tunneling; and 9. The Future of Tunneling. The book beings with a graphical timeline of milestones and closes with an Appendix that lists tunnels constructed in the United States including name, location (city, state), length of tun- nel, date and owner. This exhaustive list covers 36 pages alone. It includes a forward from journalist and RETC keynote speaker Doug Most, author of The Race Underground: Boston, New York and the Incredible Rivalry That Built America's First Subway, and a preface from the book's editors. The 564-page, hardbound The History of Tunneling in the United States is available for purchase through the UCA web- site at www.smenet.org. The History of Tunneling in the United States is the perfect compendium for any tunneling professional. The History of Tunneling in the United States TUNNELINGONLINE.COM TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // AUGUST 2017 BOOK RELEASE: B O O K R E L E A S E 46 The many tunneling accomplishments in the United States over the last few centuries rival those of any country in the world. – The History of Tunneling in the United States , Chapter 1

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