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FEB 2018

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TUNNELINGONLINE.COM F E A T U R E S T O RY 2 7 TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // FEBRUARY 2018 development provider founded in 1970 by Dr. Rudolf Amberg. The focus was initially on testing drill and explosives technology, but the facility has been expanded in the intervening years to include a number of galleries and test spaces for a broad range of testing and educational purposes. "I don't know of any other facility in the world that has similar capabilities and be able to bring many people in for training," Wyink said. "In addition, they have excel- lent technical people and the equipment and laboratory facilities to be able to per- form any kind of testing." Added Ed Paradis, BASF's Amer- et Development or Injection Systems: "There are a multitude of products available and without a workshop, it would be trial and error for the applicators and contractors. Here, you can actually test it in the right environment." In addition to the main focus of the workshops – educating customers on the range of products, BASF representatives can also learn from the applicators. "Some- times we develop products for a specific purpose, but our customers find different applications that they share with us," said Christoph Herrmann, BASF's Global Prod- or Injection. "We are also able to get input on how we might be able to modify our products and where we need to focus our R&D." Workshop Format and Content The Injection Workshop comprises theoretical sessions (classroom-style at Hagerbach) in combination with practical demonstrations. The practical demonstra- tions cover: • Pre-injection for water ingress reduc- tion and ground stabilization with mi- cro cements and colloidal silica • Fine crack injection with tunneling linings and concrete repair with acryl- ic resins and polyurethanes • Ground consolidation and void fill- ing with polyurea silicate and poly- urethane resins • Water stopping and water ingress reduction with accelerated polyure- thanes • Rapid strength development for ground consolidation with polyurea silicate resin • Water stopping betwe eg- ments. The main goal of the Sprayed Concrete Workshop is to address the important pa- rameters for temporary and permanent sprayed concrete. The workshop features the latest concrete technology as well as application methods and techniques for sprayed concrete. Atlas Copco/Epiroc cov- ers in depth the equipment aspects con- cerning pumping and spraying. The follow- ing fundamental topics are covered: • Sprayed concrete for rock support • • Fresh concrete testing • Application techniques • Strength development of sprayed con- crete & testing of hardened concrete with penetration needles and the HILTI SCT • Alkali-free accelerator technology • Performance & reactivity testing of alkali-free accelerators in mortar and paste • The latest in concrete spraying equip- ment technology • Trouble shooting • 3D spraying simulator competition ch, BASF is launching its Water- proofing Workshop. The main goal of this practical workshop is to address the differ- ent types of waterproofing systems used in sprayed concrete linings and cut-and-cover tunnel linings. The workshop features the latest concrete technology as well as ap- plication methods and techniques for wa- terproofing systems. The following funda- mental topics will be covered: • Available waterproofing systems • 2K Waterproofing system for cut-and- cover tunnels • Equipment and application of 2K PU membranes • Double-bonded, spray-applied mem- brane • Application and equipment • Quality control • Surface treatment methods • Introduction to composite shell lining design • Permanent sprayed concrete design • Full-scale application composite shell lining Of course, in any live event, networking plays an important role in addition to the curriculum. "It is interesting to see people from different disciplines talking and shar- ing ideas and solutions and learning from each other," Wyink said. "Additionally, it is a good opportunity for our representatives, who are spread across the world, to estab- lish relationships and share knowledge." The workshops combine real-world demonstrations and classroom-style education. BASF's Christoph Herrmann gives a product demonstration.

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