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FEB 2018

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P U B L I S H E R ' S M E S S A G E TUNNELINGONLINE.COM TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // FEBRUARY 2018 4 P U B L I S H E R / E D I T O R James W. Rush jrush@benjaminmedia.com C O N T R I B U T I N G S TA F F E D I T O R S Sharon M. Bueno Brad Kramer Andrew Farr Mike Kezdi S A L E S + M A R K E T I N G Director of Marketing: Kelly Dadich kdadich@benjaminmedia.com Regional Sales Representative: Maura Dugan mdugan@benjaminmedia.com Regional Sales Representative: Todd Miller tmiller@benjaminmedia.com Event Sales Manager: Brittany Cline bcline@benjaminmedia.com P R O D U C T I O N + F U L F I L L M E N T Production Manager: Chris Slogar cslogar@benjaminmedia.com Graphic Designer: Deborah R. McManus dmcmanus@benjaminmedia.com Web/Audience Development: Mark Gorman mgorman@benjaminmedia.com Audience Development/Sustainability Coordinator: Cayla Poteete cpoteete@benjaminmedia.com E D I T O R I A L C O U N C I L Gary Brierley, P.E - Dr. Mole Inc. Randy Essex, P.E. - Mott MacDonald Dr. Levent Ozdemir, P.E. - Ozdemir Engineering Inc. William W. Edgerton - McMillen Jacobs Associates Joe Gildner - Sound Transit Paul Roy - AECOM David Caiden - Arup Chief Executive Officer: Bernard P. Krzys bkrzys@benjaminmedia.com President: Robert Krzys robk@benjaminmedia.com Controller: Marianne Saykes msaykes@benjaminmedia.com 10050 Brecksville Rd. Brecksville, OH 44141 USA Ph: 330.467.7588 - Fax: 330.468.2289 www.tunnelingonline.com e-mail: info@benjaminmedia.com Reprint Information: Wright's Media Ph: 877.652.5295. - Fax: 916.983.6762 It is hard for this au- thor to imagine, but this issue marks the 20th an- niversary of un- . In late 1997, Benjamin dia publisher and president Bernie Krzys recognized a void in cov- ering the burgeoning - neling market. Krzys, who had a background in the industry hav- ing served as president of American Augers, which manufactured o- tunneling equipment for a time in the 1980s, had already launched Trenchless Technology in 1992. In January/ February 1998, debuted. That first issue featured Lovat Inc., the C - facturer, on the cover, with company founder Richard Lovat pos- ing with son Rick Lovat in fr eakthrough. Glancing through the issue, a couple of headlines caught my eye that classify as "blasts from the past": "CTS Unv or Boston Project" and "Atlas Copco to Phase Out Production." It was also interest- ing to see an ad from Boretec (now The Robbins Co.) and PB (now WSP). With all the changes in the business, it was interesting to see that the first issue had an article by Randy Essex on geotechnical baseline reports. I joined the staff in late 1998 with my first full issue being 1st quarter 1999. In 2000, we moved from quarterly to bi-monthly, where we have been ever since. Of course, we have a whole suite of additional offerings, most notably the website (tunnelingonline. com), in addition to social media, email newsletters, webinars, con- ferences, etc. In the years that followed I have had the opportunity to meet many of you – the men and women who drive the industry for- ward – and see the amazing work that you do. In the time I have be ve visited well over 40 project sites (I lost track of the exact number a long time ago), including some of the biggest underground undertakings to date – the Big D A proje a Tunnel – as well as unique yet challenging projects – the Russia Wharf project in Boston and the Carnegie Hall expansion proje Over the years the industry has expanded to meet the tre- mendous demand for infrastructur e doesn't appear to be a slowdown in sight. There are CSO projects being planned all over the country as well as major transporta- tion programs, including the Hudson River Tunnel (arguably the nation's most-needed infrastructure project), and continued build- outs of metro sy ttle, Los Angeles and To- ronto. California High-speed Rail, Superc Hyperloop are also in the planning/design stages, which could cre- ate even more opportunity going forward. We are happy to celebrate 20 years in 2018! It is a reflection on the health of this great industry that we have been able to be here more than two decades. And we look forward to 20 more! 20 Years of TBM: Tunnel Business Magazine Jim Rush E D I T O R / P U B L I S H E R

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