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TUNNELINGONLINE.COM T U N N E L U P D A T E S 4 0 TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // FEBRUARY 2018 pressure—believed to be the most of an ever manufacture o equipped with dewatering equipment to pump 2,500 gallons per minute away from the tunnel as the machine drives it. om- pleted by Robbins at its Solon, Ohio, shop. On Sept. 8, DEP held a ceremony at the job- site to commemorate the start of tunneling activities. Over the next four months, crews will complete the process of assembling and West Babylon Bergen Point Outfall OHL/Posillico/SELI Overseas JV The Suff 2018 accepted a $187.78 million bid to con- struct a new outfall pipe, which will extend 14,000 ft from the Bergen Point Waste Treat- ment Plant to an outfall structure in the At- lantic Ocean. The tunnel will be 12-ft ID Smith is the designer. Gall Zeidler provided geotechnical subconsultant services. OHIO Akron Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel Kenny/Obayashi oject for the City of Akron, part of $1.4 billion CSO program, involves 6,240 ft of 27-ft diameter tunnel. Crews are using a Robbins Crossov .S. first, to build the tunnel. The began boring in August. As of Thanksgiving, crews were preparing to convert the machine from soft- ground configuration to hard rock configura- tion to complete the majority of drive in hard- rock mode. Completion is set for Dec. 31, 2018. Cleveland Dugway South Interceptor Relief Sewer Turn-Key Tunneling Turn-Key Tunneling has been contracted unneling Corp. to complete a 42-in. connection adit to service the main 90-in. Dugway South Relief and Consolida- tion Sewer for the Ohio Regional Sewer D ). Though initially de- signed to be installed with a hand mine tun- nel, Turn-Key elected to complete the tunnel using a hard rock SBU cutting head and auger bore machine. Due to the dense population surrounding the work site, work will be com- peted out of a 20-ft diameter working shaft. Turn-Key Tunneling began installing a tail tunnel for the larger bore machine needed for the project shortly before the holidays. Boring is set to begin shortly after the new year with project completion projected by the end of January. Information: Joel Froehlich, Project , joel@tunnelit.net. Cleveland Dugway Storage Tunnel DST 4 and DST 5 Adit Tunnels Turn-Key Tunneling Turn-Key Tunneling was subcontracted to complete four hand-mined tunnels out of two separate access shafts by Salini-Impregi- lo/Healy JV on the Dugway Storage Tunnel Project f . Each of the tunnels exited the shafts at different elevations which required scheduling the tunnels in sequence with the vertical shaft excavations. Three of the tunnels are to be 114-in. in diameter and the fourth is 84-in. in diameter. To date, one 114-in. and the 84-in. tunnels have been com- pleted and excavation of the third tunnel be- gan on Jan. 8. The 84-in. was mined to a buried 48-in. RCP with a poured in place bulkhead over the end that had to be carefully removed before the new 48-in. could be installed to connect to the existing. The poured-in-place bulkhead, #57 gravel, high water table and other backfill materials made for extremely challenging geology. Brian Froehlich, P.E. - Project Engineer, brian@tunnelit.net Cleveland Emerald Parkway Culvert Rehabilitation – Design Build Turn-Key Tunneling Turn-Key Tunneling was contracted by erform a design-build project to rehabilitate a failed 11-ft diameter storm sewer for the Emerald Parkway Culvert Rehabilita- tion Project. The Invitation to Bid included 30% design drawings from which the project was to be fully designed and constructed. The project includes an 80-ft deep, 24-ft diameter access shaft, 240 lf of 132-in. tunnel, two auger bores, bypass pumping, pipe cleanout and Hobas slip lining along with other site restorations. To date, the shaft has been completed, and the first bore for a gravity flow bypass is underway. TH Consultants was subcontracted by Turn- Key Tunneling to provide the design drawings and specifications for the project. Information: Brian Froehlich, P.E., Project Engineer, brian@ tunnelit.net; Ryan Butler, P.E., Design Engineer, rbutler@nthconsultants.com. Columbus Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer Blacklick Constructors LLC (Michels/Jay Dee JV) Blacklick Constructors is building the 10 ft. ID Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer approximately 23,000 ft. in length with 40 to 140 ft. of cover. The segmentally lined tun- nel is being excavated using a Herrenknecht ection of the alignment was constructed by open-cut prior to the launch of the machine. The tunnel is lined using a 4-ft long, bolted & gasketed precast concrete tun- nel liner. The project includes 12 shafts, hy- draulic drop structures, a passive odor control vault and appurtenances. TP was issue y 2016 with comple- tion anticipated by July 2020. Tunneling is 46% complete with approx. 2,300 lf of soft ground excavation left before transitioning into the rock portion of the alignment. All the interme- diate shafts have been completed and excava- etrieval shaft is ongoing. ected to encounter rapidly varying glacial and alluvial materials, tills, boulders, sand, fill and shale; a hydraulic con- ductivity up to 10-1 is expected in the soft ground portions of the alignment. Key Project Personnel: Ed Whitman, Proje Ron Klinghagen, General Superintendent; Ehsan Alavi, Ph.D., Project Engineer; Peter DeKrom, Surv Superintendents, Engineers, and Safety: Joel Sostre, e Stucky, Jessica Hirashima, Amanda Kerr Lawrence County Ohio Department of Transportation – Emer- gency Repair – Route 52 Turn-Key Tunneling This emergency project for the Ohio Depart- ment of Transportation (ODOT) involved the reconstruction of a r culvert which threatened numerous local busi- nesses and a critical four-lane expressway in Southern Ohio. The project was multi-faceted in that a vertical shaft was needed to provide a safe working environment 30-ft deep to make the necessary repairs to the collapsed storm sewer. The vertical shaft was further needed due to the proximity of the four-lane express- way and frontage road. ODOT elected to have the culvert collapsed sections repaired with new 84-in. liner plate using traditional hand mining techniques while simultaneously re- moving the failed culvert. Once the new tun- nel portion was installed, the entire portion of the culvert owned by ODOT received a paved invert. A new manhole was constructed and placed in the working shaft, allowing for fu- ture access to the newly constructed portion of the pipe. Lastly, the downstream headwall area was dressed with a concrete cap to prevent further soil erosion of the steep embankment. Information: Joel Froehlich, Proje , joel@tunnelit.net. Toledo Toledo Waterways Initiative – Phase II - Downtown Storage Basin Turn-Key Tunneling The Toledo Waterways Initiative (TWI) program for the City of Toledo encompasses more than 45 separate projects over the course of 18 years, at a total estimated cost of $527 million. As part of Phase II of the project, Turn-Key Tunneling will be constructing a 715-ft long rib-and-board tunnel utilizing a hydraulically driven tunnel shield. The 12-ft diameter tunnel will be the initial pass for the two-pass tunnel system and act as the final host for the 108-in. sanitary sewer. Turn-Key Tunneling will also be constructing a 32-ft diameter shaft for a future junction chamber which will serve as the reception shaft for the shield removal. The tunnel is to be installed in lean clay directly adjacent to a river. Work is slated to begin on the tunnel in mid-February. Information: Joel Froehlich, Proje , joel@tunnelit.net. SOUTH CAROLINA Greenville Reedy River Basin Sewer Tunnel Super Excavators Inc./Cooperatia Muratori Cementisti JV This $33.4 million project for the Renew- able Water Resources (RE-WA) comprises 6,000 lf of 130-in. ID rock tunnel with 84-in. carrier pip e) grouted in place. The Tunnel depth ranges from 40 to 130 ft below ground surface. Also included is a 40- ft ID by 40 ft deep launch shaft and 30-ft ID by

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