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APR 2018

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TUNNELINGONLINE.COM F E A T U R E S T O RY 2 1 TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // APRIL 2018 well as cut-and-cover tunnel construc- tion. Agru's Sure-Grip Concrete Protective Liners provide long-term protection of tunnel structures from corrosion in ag- gressive applications such as wastewater transport. Agru also provides a full range of complementary products including af- fixation discs, geotextiles, drainage com- posites, grout injection ports, and water- stop profiles. Akkerman The Akkerman Bentonite Injec- tion System (ABIS) delivers automated bentonite injection at optimal tunnel inter- vals to reduce jacking forces and facilitate efficient and extended length pipe jacking and microtunneling operations. The ABIS package delivers totalized flow control at each valve location using touch screen functionality from the main system moni- tor. The Control Skid houses the flow meter and ouch Screen and connects up to 10 Remote Station Control Boxes, each with three linked Automated Injection Ball Valve Assemblies for point flow distribu- tion onto the pipe annulus. The system can also control and monitor IJS functions. The standard ABIS configuration equips contractors with components for a 2,000-lf tunnel, and the flexibility to suit a variety of project conditions. AMIX Systems Ltd. Systems Ltd. is a design, engineering and fabrication team that solves problems for today's most chal- lenging grout mixing and backfill projects. es complex project needs and builds automated, self-cleaning products and systems that simplify the grout mix- ing process. The Perfect Storm series of plants produce outputs from 2 cubic me- ter/hr over and above 100 cubic meter/ hr o provides solutions for ret- rofi a deep expertise in systems design and control automation. It's not about selling sy companies reduce their overall equip- ment costs and make significant advances in productivity. ASI Group Established in 1987, ASI Group Ltd. is a full-service engineering and marine technology company comprised of two gr ter. ASI ovides industries worldwide with leading-edge underwater services focused on assessment, maintenance, rehabilitation and construction of un- derwater infrastructure and tunnels. ASI ed with Associate Under- water Services (AUS), provides turnkey hyperbaric intervention tunneling sup- port services to the tunneling industry. To date, ASI has performed over 500 hyper- baric interventions in soft ground tunnels. Hyperbaric support services include: plan and manage all aspects of a hyperbaric intervention including, risk assessment, safety and adherence to local regulatory requirements as well as providing equip- ment, workers and training. Avanti International Avanti Interna- tional is the most experienced pro- ducer of high-quality injection grouts in the United States. For 40 years, Avan- tiGrout has been used in geotechnical applications to stabilize soil and control groundwater before, during and after construction. Injection grouts can be used: 1) Before tunnel break-ins/outs to stabilize surrounding soils, control groundwater inflow, and improve project productivity; 2) During tunnel construction to stabilize weak soils, control groundwater ahead of and behind for efficient mining and safer work environments; 3) After project completion to create an impermeable wa- ter barrier. Babendererde Engineers BabEng specializes in mechanized tunnel- ing and underground storage construc- tion. The worldwide services range from project development and design to con- struction management and practical work process optimization. Another successful service being offered is hands-on trouble- shooting on-site for ficult situ- ations. For water and gas storage, BabEng joins forces with project developers and construction companies. TPC Tunnelsoft, the software branch, supports the tunnel- ing industry with specialized software for technical data management and visualiza- tion on tunnel projects. Its unique flexibil- ity, combined with powerful automatic reporting and notification tools, makes it one of the leading solutions in the market with references all over the world. BASF Thr Builders Solutions brand, BASF is a

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