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APR 2018

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TUNNELINGONLINE.COM TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // APRIL 2018 leading supplier of underground construc- tion solutions that help tunneling cus- tomers to become more successful, even in highly challenging ground conditions. BASF has the largest range of products and services available to meet needs and solve pr onventional tunneling, whether in soft ground or hard rock conditions. We offer a full range of oc tunneling products such as soil conditioning foams and polymers, anti- clay agents, tail sealants, anti-abrasion agents, dust suppressants, bearing seal and EP2 greases, plus products for sprayed concrete and injection for ground modifi- cation and water control. BAUER MAT Slurry Han- dling Systems is a mid-size mechanical and plant engineering compa- ny with more than 20 years of experience in the tunneling/microtunneling industry. es equip- ment for mixing, handling and separation applications for bentonite and cement slurries; mixers and mixing plants for col- loidal mixing of slurries; and screening, cyclone and decanting plants for solids- liquids separation. Rec introduced the BE-550 for use on benton- ite slurries. The BE-550 comprises two ad- joining identical standalone plants and is capable of processing 550 cubic meters of slurry per hour and when combined with owl centrifuge provides a closed circuit system with minimum footprint requirement. Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions caferri Underground Solutions is a global partner for smart fiber reinforcement for tunnel- ing and mining projects. The company's wide range of fibers support project needs. Depending on the application, Bekaert caferri has the right fiber at the right pric caferri now offers a range of Dramix steel fibers produced in the United States to meet the "buy Amer- ica" requirements in rebuilding the infra- structure. The company's Umix fibers are macro-synthetic fibers and can be used for temporary support in mining. To complete the portf caferri also of- fers microsynthetic fibers called Duomix e that increase the fire resistance of concrete. Brokk Brokk, a leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition ma- chines, highlights the Brokk 500 a Tunneling Conference. The electric ma- chine offers 40 percent more demolition power than its predecessor, the Brokk 400. The machine delivers 1,086 ft-lbs (1,472 joules) with each blow of the 1,510-lb (685- kg) SB 702 breaker from Epiroc, formerly Atlas Copco. On top of that, it adds more length to Brokk's signature three-part arm system, now reaching 24.3 ft (7.4 m) verti- cally and 23 ft (7 m) horizontally, making it ideal for work where extra reach is im- portant. Brookville Equipment Corp. Brookville designs and manufactures diesel and battery locomotives, personnel carriers and com- bination vehicles for underground miners and tunnelers. Customizable Brookville units come in ranges of four to 50 tons with variable gauges of 24 to 48 in. Recent product enhancements include remote control, LED gauge panels and integrated rearview cameras for operational safety and efficiency. Brookville units have ser- viced some of the industry's most notable projects, including the East Side Access Proje - wa Brookville delivered three 27-ton tunnel- ing locomotives to the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Tunnel Project in Los An- geles. COWI COWI Tunnel is inter- nationally recognized as specializing in the planning, design, inspection and construction manage- ment of tunnels, shafts and underground structures. COWI's project types include tunnel boring machine, immersed tube tunnel, pipe-jacking and microtunneling, and soft-ground tunnels by earth-pres- sure balance, open-cut and cut-and-cover. With over 450 tunnel professionals, COWI provides local and international clients with practical, cost-saving and innova- tive design solutions around the world. For over 85 years, COWI has been at the forefront of providing engineering, eco- nomics and environmental science solu- tions. COWI's reputation as world-class specialists enables it to contribute to many of the world's most prestigious and chal- lenging infrastructure projects. With over 6,400 employees around the globe, COWI is present in all major markets worldwide. CTS Cordes For almost 60 years, CTS Cordes from Germany has been a reliable industry partner in providing sealing solutions for pipeline and manhole con- struction projects and has made inroads into large diameter tunnel construction since 2002. Today the CTS Cordes product range includes tunnel segment liner gas- kets, seals f eals f - ing shafts, seals for jacking pipes and pipe jacking stations, and inflatable emergency seals. The latest development has been an innovative profile geometry for the DB Albvorlandtunnel, a high-speed rail link related to the Stuttgart 21 mega project in Germany, that provides a considerably im- proved water-proofing performance with- out offset-related weaknesses. David R. Klug & Associates, Inc. David R. Klug & Associates, Inc. provides manufacturers' representative services to the underground heavy civil and mine construction industries. The company specializes in the sale of products and ser- vices for soft ground, conventional and ertise is offered in the supply of componentry used in pre- cast segmental tunnel linings inclusive of ets, plastic and steel connec- tors, grout lifting assemblies and precision steel segment molds plus final lining form- ing systems for C-I-P final lining applica- tions. Through its distribution company, Klug Construction Systems LLC offers GFRP rock bolts and soft-eyes, steel and synthetic fiber reinforcement, prefabricat- ed mesh and rebar reinforcing panels plus specialty grout systems for tunnel backfill grout requirements. F E A T U R E S T O RY 2 2

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