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APR 2018

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TUNNELINGONLINE.COM F E A T U R E S T O RY 3 8 TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // APRIL 2018 CONSTRUCTION LOGISTICS Of course, the boring of such an enormous tunnel comes with many potential problems, so the planning and control of the construction process are key issues to the success of the work. Like all large construction projects, it does not matter how effectiv ce of machinery, the back-up and support of the excavation system is also part of the critical path to success. The need to 'feed the beast' with the right materials and equipment at the right time and in the cor- rect order is vital to the process of ensuring tha - time is kept to an absolute minim equired to minimize the construction time overall but also the potential for problems r Therefore, the client and contractor decided to utilize the most effective tunnel segment manufacture and control pro- cess availa ment Documentation System or SDS, for the 32,000 segments required for the proje caferri, an Italian construction and precast company with a precast factory based nearby in Bologna, was subcontracted to provide the segments. To meet the challenges of high quality standards and the application of RFID tags specified in the tender, the manufacturer decide , a German supplier of quality management and tracking systems for the tunneling industry. or the Santa Lucia Tun- nel proje caferri Tunneling s.r.l., commented: "The SDS system allows us to manage the production process along with detecting some of the parameters linked to the traceabil- ity of materials. We could customize parts of the system and we are able to create a complete report with all the necessary information concerning data related to the raw materials used in each segment. This option allows us to drastically reduce the use of resources (people) allocated to data input in the PCQ cards for each segment, for example, on the client side of the process, which is one of the requirements demanded by our customer, Pavimental." SEGMENT TRACKING stem is designed to provide precise manage- ment of the whole segment handling process and, unlike other segment tracking systems availa stem of- fers far more than a simple documentation process. The SDS system enables the construction team to manage the life-cycle of the tunnel segments from rebar cage manufacture, segment casting through to storage and delivery thereby ensuring com- pliance with quality and documentation standards and op- timum use of resources, while also minimizing risk, avoiding errors (particularly human ones) and reducing costs. This level of control is possible due to the fact that all areas of the tunnel site are linked to an intelligent, efficient work- flow network that is monitored stage by stage using individual bar codes and, in the case of the Santa Lucia Tunnel, RFID (ra- dio frequency identification) tags. The link is achieved using a Information on segments is available via barcodes and RFID tags.

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