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APR 2018

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otunneling Short Course cele- brated its 25th anniversary in style by at- tracting a record turnout Feb. 6-8 in Boul- der, Colorado. A total of 159 participants, including contractors, engineers, owners, suppliers and others, attended the course, held at the Byron R. White Club at the University of Colorado Boulder, surpass- ing the previous high of 147 set last year. Sinc otunneling Short Course has been the premier educational venue for the microtunneling market. The educational program covers all as- pects of microtunneling from basic con- cepts to advanced techniques and the latest developments, making it ideal for beginners and experts alike. The size of the event allows for networking, inter- active discussion and Q&A following the presentations, something that can be lacking at large conferences. Other activities associated with the otunneling Short Course are the one-day Pilot Tube Seminar, held at the University's Rec Center, a meeting of otunneling As- socia ecep- tion hosted by Akkerman Inc., and the annual Banquet Dinner. The Banquet Dinner includes the pre- senta otunneling Achieve- ment Awards, which this year were be- stowed upon Lee Abramson, Kleinfelder, Steve Caneen, Huxted T e Ellis, TEC, and Ingo Justen, Tunnel Ser- vices Group. otunneling Short Course was founde otun- neling Inc., Levent Ozdemir, Ozdemir & Associates, and Bernie Krzys, Benjamin dia. "It's amazing to see the longevity and continued gr otunneling Short Course," said Coss. "When we start- ed the course in 1993, there was no other way of sharing information and learning about what was then an emerging field. Since then, we have seen tremendous advancements in the field of microtun- neling that no one would have thought possible 25 years ago." Planning is underway for the 26th an- otunneling Short Course, which will be returning to Boulder from Feb. 5-7, 2019. Information will be posted to the course website as it becomes available. TUNNELINGONLINE.COM TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // APRIL 2018 B U S I N E S S B R I E F S 1 0 Microtunneling Short Course Celebrates 25 Years, Reaches New Heights A total of 159 participants attended the Microtunneling Short Course. Classroom instruction with industry-leading professionals is the hallmark of the Microtunneling Short Course. Troy Stokes of Akkerman gives a presentation on "Introduction to Microtunneling." Course founders (from left) Levent Ozdemir, Tim Coss and Bernie Krzys.

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