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JUN 2018

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TUNNELINGONLINE.COM F E A T U R E S T O RY 3 6 TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // JUNE 2018 A ROSETTA STONE BETWEEN GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEER & PROJECT MANAGER FOR TBM TUNNELING T he geology intersected along a tunnel is an overriding factor in many of the decisions that must be made in planning, designing, and construction. During planning and design, the geotechnical engineer must an- ticipate the behavior of the tunnel under several excavation and support scenarios. His or her ability to predict this behavior is critical for an accurate cost estimate as well as on-time delivery of the project. Geotechnical interpretation should be performed carefully to take into account the significant geology while accounting for the uncertainty associated with un- derground design and construction. Due to the unique nature of each project, there are no fixed standards or check-off list that can be used to fully determine the scope or provide a comprehensive how-to guide. A knowledge gap is almost always pres- ent between what is obtained by the cli- ent during the design phase and what is required by the contractor for equipment purchase and construction. This knowl- edge is often the underlying cause for contract disputes. Therefore if additional effort is spent early in the project to mini- mize this knowledge gap, the payoff in safety and project performance should easily offset the additional cost. A number of clients and contractors underestimate the importance of the geo- technical input. This does not become ap- parent until the project starts to run into significant cost and/or time overruns. ers construct equipment according to the provided specifications and take no responsibility for errors in BY GEOFFREY POTGIETER AND OMER YENI Tunnel Boring Machine (rotational cutter head) Slurry Type (Closed) Earth Pressure Balance Type (Closed) Mechanical Excavation Type (Open) Shield Type (Closed) Beam Type (Open) Segment Gripper Soft Ground Rock Figure 1 - TBM quick selection chart (General).

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