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JUN 2018

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4 4 T U N N E L U P D A T E S TUNNELINGONLINE.COM TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // JUNE 2018 opolitan District Commission (owner), engineer) and Baltazar Contractors Inc. (GC), with Bradshaw Construction performing as tunnel- ing subcontractor. Project Information: Jordan Bradshaw – Proje - ager; Jordan.bradshaw@bradshawcc.com. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Washington Oregon Avenue NW Sewer Rehabilitation Project – DC Water Con- tract 150130 Bradshaw Construction Corp. Bradshaw is constructing a $16.8 million sewer project for DC Water that consists of approximately 4,300 fe of 24-in. sewer interceptor, includ- ing 2,600 ft to be installed by microtunneling in four drives, with the lon- gest being 1,860 lf along Oregon Avenue at depths of up to 90 ft. Both 60- in. steel casing and 48-in. RCP casing were tunneled using a Herrenknecht A e will be installed. Subsurface conditions consisted of Tonalite rock ranging from slightly weathered to highly decomposed. The project also includes the installation of nine access shafts, 1,500 lf of open-cut sewer installation, three live connections to the existing sewer system and the abandonment of the existing 15-in. sewer that the new 24- in. one will be replacing. All work will be installed within Oregon Avenue, bordering a congested, residential area, and Rock Creek Park, owned by tional Park Service. To date, Bradshaw has completed all tunneling, including a 432-lf S-curved tunnel.This tunnel consisted of two 625-ft radius curves in op- posite directions to maintain the tunnel alignment within the Bingham Drive fo tional Park Service right-of-way. It also al- lowed the elimination of two shafts that would have severely hampered access to the project site, in addition to providing a credit to the owner. tion and sewer activation has begun and will continue through the project completion this fall. Information: Todd Brown, Project own@bradshawcc.com. FLORIDA Ruskin South County Repump Station Bradshaw Construction Corp. Bradshaw has begun work on a project that consists of a 1,055-lf two- pass microtunnel of steel casing and ductile iron water main. The casing is 48 in. and the carrier pipe is 16 in. Subsurface conditions are expected to be sand. Informa e Wanhatalo, Proje wanhatalo@ bradshawcc.com. ILLINOIS Chicago Albany Park Stormwater Diversion Tunnel Kenny Construction Company This $62 million project for the City of Chicago's Department of Trans- portation is for surface flooding remediation. The tunnel is 5,800 lf of 18-ft finished diameter concrete lined rock tunnel approximately 150 ft below grade. The inlet shaft is 18 ft finished diameter approximately 150 ft deep. The outlet shaft is 30 ft finished diameter approximately 150 ft deep. Tunnel excavation was completed using a refurbished main b in dolomite bedro d through Aug. 30, 2017. Tunnel con- crete operation is complete. Inlet and outlet surface structures are nearing completion. Site restoration has begun. The tunnel D construction manager is WSP. Completion is expected by June 15, 2018. Key Project Personnel: Bob Rautenberg – Project Executive, Clay Spell- man – Proje , Darrell Vliegenthart – General Superintendent, c Potter – Project Engineer, Zach Heinrich – Field Engineer, Paul Lau- ric tt Tumpane – Safety Coordinator, Sarah Baker – Offic . McCook McCook Reservoir Des Plaines Inflow Tunnel Walsh Construction This $107.7 million project f opolitan Water Resources Dis- ) includes approximately 5,800 ft of 20-ft ID tunnel with two shafts (one permanent and one for construction to be abandoned at completion of work). Entire tunnel is in dolomite limestone and is being constructed via drill-and-blast methods. Tunneling is nearing completion and lining has begun. The tunnel has two live connections, one on each end. On one end it will conne 's existing Des Plaines Tunnel sys- tem and on the other it will connect to the liv ok Reservoir, which was scheduled to go online in December t down ei- ther the tunnel or the reservoir to accommodate the connections so all work will be heavily weather dependent. TP was issued on July 9, 2016. Completion is scheduled by Jan. 23, 2020. The designer is Black & Veatch. Key Project Personnel evin Fitzpatrick, Carmen Scal- ise, Patrick Jens White, Cary Hirner. INDIANA Indianapolis White River Tunnel, Lower Pogues Run Tunnel Shea-Kiewit JV The White River Tunnel is a 30,600-lf, 20-ft, 2-in. diameter bored tunnel with an 18-ft finished concrete lining (approximately 250 ft deep). There are two bifurcations in the final alignment and seven CSO connecting structures/deaeration chambers and adits. The Lower Pogues Run Tunnel is a 10,200-lf, 20-ft, 2-in. bored tunnel with an 18-ft finished concrete lining, which bifurcates from the White River Tun- nel alignment, and includes two CSO connecting structures/deaera- tion chambers and adits. The work is for Citizens Energy Group's Dig- Indy project, which is a CSO reduction program including six deep rock

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