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4 6 The upcoming work includes structural concrete of the access shaft bulkhead structure. Concurrent with the underground construc- tion, the above-ground pumping station work continues with the 108- to 144-in. discharge piping installation, concrete valve vaults, pump station pad construction, and electrical/main- tenance building construction. The project has also received and stored the 13 of 32-each, 3,150-hp submersible pumps capable of pump- ing 30 mgd. All work is scheduled to be com- pleted in 2020. Design Engineer: A Joint Ven- tur arsons Corp. Key Project Personnel: A: Peter Jauch, Director of Engine o- nin, Proje arsons: Kevin Ulrey, ed Davis and Steve Hunt, Lead Engineers; Barnard: Op- era , Dan Schall; Proje , Jordan Hoover; Project Superintendent, Andy Granger; Underground Sup e Gilbertson; Superintendents, Engineers, and Safety: Tracey Chambers, Tyler Askin, c la Alex Casilla, Jeff Porter, Klaus Herbert, Bill Kiehl, Pryde Lahr, Jo er, Jake Richard- son, Aaron Rustan, Terry Swindle, Peter Turl- ington, Dan Heroux, Devin Weekly, Leo Wei- thew Jackson, and Shawn Tezak. NEW YORK West Babylon Bergen Point Wastewater Outfall Project OHL/Posillico/Seli Overseas JV The Suffolk County Department of Pub- lic Works on Feb. 8, 2018, issue TP for the Bergen Point Wastewater Outfall Project. The $187.78 million job was awarded to a joint ven- ture of OHL/Posillico/Seli Overseas (40% OHL USA, Inc., 40% Posillico Civil, Inc., 20% SELI Overseas USA, Inc.). The project includes the construction of a 14,200-ft, 120-in. ID tunnel through a mixture of soft soil materials under the Great South Bay with the use of a tunnel b The tunnel will be constructed to replace the existing prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) outfall pipe, which carries millions of gallons of treated wastewater, connecting the Bergen Point Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to the Barrier Island under the Great South Bay. The new tunnel will address the concerns of potential failure of the current pipe and has a longer lifespan. The tunnel will be excavated and concur- rently lined using precast concrete segment rings. The JV has selecte most effective and efficient means of tunnel ex- cavation and elected to use 48-in. wide precast segment liners. Shaft construction will be divided into major work phases including site preparation, ground freezing and excavation of the two shafts both on the Bergen Point and Barrier Island sites. Onc d, tunnel excavation will proceed, followed by the installation of the permanent tunnel lining. Additionally, the team will also complete ancillary work within the site including the installation of new piping and valving, associated plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work. Shaft depth is approximately 120 feet under the Great South Bay Work b ch 2018. The team is currently surveying the existing site, prepar- ing to build the shaft, and procuring equipment and materials needed. This is the largest con- struction project in Suffolk County in several decades and OHL's first job on Long Island. The estimated date of completion is summer 2021. arties Affiliated with the Proj- ect (Tunnel Designer, Construction , bcontr er, esigner; enknecht; Subcontractors: L.E.B. Ele etrench, CSI Group. Key Project Personnel: OHL: Uday Durg, EVP a, Opera - ager; Sergio Estebanez, Proje . Seli T co D'Ambrosio, Chief Engi- neer, Tender & Technical Dept.; Pieluigi Felici, Engineer. Posillico: Peter Brindley, SVP, Chief Operating Officer; Robert Hutzler, Superinten- dent; Kirsten Huffer, Engineer; James Scudder, Quality Engineer. Suffolk Country Department of Public Works (owner): Gilbert Anderson, P.E., Commissioner; John Donovan, P.E., Chief Engi- neer; Keith Kelley, P.E., Proje Smith); Jacek Stypulkowski, P.E., Resident Engi- neer ( NORTH CAROLINA Charlotte I-77 HOT Lanes Sewer Bradshaw Construction Corp. Bradshaw has begun tunneling as part of a I-77 highway expansion project in Charlotte. The project consists of a 572 lf two-pass micro- tunnel of steel casing and ductile iron sewer. The casing is 60-in. and the carrier pipe is 24 in. Subsurface conditions are expected to be highly variable ranging from fine clay to hard rock. Informa e Wanhatalo, Project wanhatalo@bradshawcc.com. OHIO Akron Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT) Project Kenny/Obayashi, a Joint Venture This is a $184 million job for the City of Ak- r TP was issue . 4, 2015, with final completion scheduled for June 15, 2019. The 27-ft finished inside diameter tunnel, approxi- mately 6,200 ft long, will pass through ground conditions that consist of soft ground, mixed face soft ground over bedrock, and bedrock. Depth to the invert of the OCIT will range from about 40 to 180 ft. A Robbins dual mode type "Crossover" (XRE) Ro e used to excavate the tunnel and install the precast segmental lining. Excavation of the Reach 1 (soft ground) and Reach 2 (mixed face) are complete and Reach 3 (rock) is underway ently over 40% complete with excavation. Completion is set for Dec. 31, 2018. Project Designer – DLZ, Jacobs, COWI, GPD; Construction – Parsons, Welty, Thomarios; Subcontractors – Kenmore acting, Brierley Associates, Schnabel Foundation Company, Turn-Key T er – The Robbins Compan e System e ement Solutions. Project Personnel: Bob Rautenberg (Project Executive), David Chastka (Proje e Quinn (General Superintendent), Brad oject Engineer), Kentaro Kyo (Lead Tunnel Engineer), Dirk Chisnell (Surveyor), Greg Cook (Equip- Cleveland Dugway Storage Tunnel Salini Impregilo/Healy JV The $153 million Dugway Storage Tunnel project f egional Sewer District consists of 14,750 lf of 24-ft ID tunnel 200 ft deep, 6 deep shafts ranging in size from 22 to 58 ft in diameter and 21 other near-sur- faces shafts and structures. There are four 9-ft diameter adit connections to the tunnel rang- ing in length from 60 to 800 lf and two sections of near surface sewers installed in tunnel and by open cut. The project is currently 80% complete. All six deep shafts have been excavated, with the structures completed in all six shafts. The main tunnel was complete ch 21, 2018. Five of the near-surface structures have been com- pleted and the four adits have been excavated and lined. Various ground support systems have been utilized. Ribs and liner plate have been used for soft ground support on most of the shaft. Se- cant piles were used to support the overburden for one of the deep shaft and two of the near surface excavations and ground freezing was used to control the ground while excavating the main shaft. Final completion is anticipated by Septem- ber 2019. Parties Affiliated with the Project – Tun- nel designer: Stante JV; Construction enknecht; Subcontractors: Triad Engineering & Contracting Co. – Shaft Exc. & Adit Exc. and Lining; a Service Inc. – Shaft excavation; Contracting, Inc. – Concrete Structur on Con- struction Company – Se etrench – Ground Freezing. Key Project Personnel: Salini Impregilo/ Healy: Proje Jim Kabat; General Superintendent: Willie Flores; Chief Engineer: Rob - er: Saeed Ta as- so; Electrical Superintendent: TJ Soto; Controls: ogram a - tion Supervisor: Ryan Sullivan. Information: John Kennedy, (702)-524-0438. PENNSYLVANIA Wampum Pennsylvania American Water Ellwood T U N N E L U P D A T E S TUNNELINGONLINE.COM TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // JUNE 2018

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