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JUN 2018

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TUNNELINGONLINE.COM TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // JUNE 2018 T U N N E L U P D A T E S 4 7 Raw Water Facilities Bradshaw Construction Corp. Bradshaw is underway on construction on a project in Wampum that consists of 1,531 ft of two-pass microtunneling in three tunnels. Cas- ing size is 60- and 75.4-in. with several lines of carrier pipe installed within. Subsurface condi- tions are expected to range from alluvium and residual soil to partially and unweathered hard rock and mixed face. Informa e Wan- hatalo, Proje wanhatalo@brad- shawcc.com. SOUTH CAROLINA Greenville Reedy River Basin Sewer Tunnel Super Excavators Inc. / Cooperatia Muratori Cementisti, a Joint Venture This $33.415 million project for Greenville's Renewable Water Resources comprises 6,000 lf of 130-in. ID rock tunnel with 84-in. carrier pipe (Hobas) grouted in place.; a 40-ft ID by 40- ft deep launch shaft and 30-ft ID by 130-ft deep receiving shaft. Tunnel depth ranges from 40 to 130 ft below ground surface. The tunnel is to be mined in intact Gneiss bedrock using a dou- ble shielded rock gripp ed by Lovsuns Canada. Shaft construction is to consist of liner plate and rock dowels with wire mesh. The project also includes 1,600 lf of 60 in. and 42-in. upstream and downstream connect- ing sewer as well as several junction chambers, screening/diversions structures along with odor control facilities. Drop shaft construction commence y 10. Final completion is an- ticipated by June 26, 2020. The Tunnel Designer/ - ager is Black & Veatch. Major Subcontractors and Suppliers: L ete (Concrete Structures), Pacific International Grout (Cellular Grout), Hobas Pipe – Tunnel Carrier Pipe. Key Project Personnel: Justin Kolster – Senior Proje , Super Excavators / e; Greg Rehak – Vice President, Super Excavators; Stephen O'Connell , Black & Veatch; Jason Gillespie – Senior Proje , Renewable Water Resources. TEXAS Scurry Trinity River Main Stem Pump Station Bradshaw Construction Corp. Bradshaw is resuming the tunneling af- ter major site flooding. The project consists of twin 260-lf microtunnels. The casing is 48-in. lined and coated to act as a raw water intake. Subsurface conditions are expected to be pri- marily lean and fat clay. Informa e Wanhatalo, Proje wanhatalo@ bradshawcc.com. WASHINGTON Bellevue Downtown Bellevue Tunnel (E330) Guy F. Atkinson Sound Transit is building the Downtown Bellevue Tunnel as part of its $3.7 billion East Link Extension, which adds 14 miles of track and 10 stations. In downtown Bellevue, the alignment goes through a 1,985-lf tunnel, 34- ft ID ovaloid, 12 to to 48 ft deep. The project in- cludes one maintenance shaft 17-ft diameter by 50-ft deep located near the midpoint of the tunnel, a connecting adit to enlarged tunnel section for permanent ventilation fans, and 250 lf of cut-and-cover structure. Crews are excavating soft ground consisting of glacial till and outwash gravel, using the sequential excavation metho heading (three headings) as well as single side drift (6 headings). Guy F. Atkinson was awarded the tunnel contract a TP was issued Feb. 8, 2016, with substantial completion projected y 20, 2020. Currently the job is 82% com- plete, completed excavation and support of first 54% using full top heading, bench and invert, currently excavating and supporting using sin-

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