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JUN 2018

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B U S I N E S S B R I E F S 8 TUNNELINGONLINE.COM TBM: TUNNEL BUSINESS MAGAZINE // JUNE 2018 Dugway Storage Tunnel Marks Breakthrough The Regional Sewer District reported that contractor Salini Impregilo/Healy achieve ough ch 21, completing the 3-mile long Dugway Storage Tunnel. Salini Impregilo/ Healy was the low bidder in September 2014 with a bid of $153.3 million. The Dugway Storage Tunnel project involves the installation of a 24-ft diameter storage tunnel extending approximately 15,000 ft in length from its connection to the Euclid Creek Tunnel (ECT) at the - nus near Superior Avenue/ Lakeview Road. The tunnel was constructed with a Herrenkne t was previously used on the Euclid Creek Tunnel. The alignment passed predominantly through Chagrin Shale at depths approaching 200 ft below ground level. The project also includes several con- solidation sewers, diversion structures, and drop shafts to capture and store CSO from the Dugway service area. The diversion systems feeding the drop structures will be equipped with the inflow control gates to manage the dynamic flow within the ECT/ DST tunnel system. CO - ca (COWI) an- nounce y 8 the addition of tunnel professionals from the U.S. operating company of ILF Consul- tants, Inc. The addition of the key staff to COWI's eration continues to strengthen COWI's tunnel expertise. Cur- rently, COWI has one of the largest tunnel engineering groups in the world with over 600 tunnel engineers. The new additions to the team bring complementary skills in tunnel and bridge, and design with note- worthy experience on several projects in California. Current projects include pre- liminary engineering design for the Cali- fornia High Speed Rail Authority for the section between Bakersfield to Palmdale. Among the new staff members, COWI welcomed two highly respected tunnel pr on, PE, and Zu- zana Skovajsova, PE. on will join COWI as a Vice President. He is a well-recognized man- ager and engineer with extensive experi- ence delivering successful tunnel design and construction projects acr America. He has over 36 years of engi- neering expertise and has worked both in consulting engineering and as Engi- neering Servic or Kiewit. His career has covered a broad spectrum of large and complex projects including tun- nels, bridges, dams, hydroelectric gener- ating plants, highways, deep excavations, transportation, water/sewer systems, and environmental management. Skovajsova will join COWI as Chief Tunnel Specialist. She is a leader in the design of tunnels and underground struc- tures, and has extensive knowledge of the application of sequential excavation and ground support systems, as well as geotechnical instrumentation and moni- toring. She is actively involved in multiple design project from conceptual/prelimi- nary engineering to detailed/final design phases of major tunneling projects, both in soft ground and hard rock. Steven Kramer, Senior Vice President comments, "These additions to the COWI team are a sign of the continued success and development of COWI's tunnel busi- With their experience working on a va- riety of tunnel projects across the coun- try they add engineering strength and invaluable knowledge and expertise to our group." COWI & ILF will continue to look for opportunities to collaborate going for- ward in the area of fire-life safety in e advantage of the shared experience provided by this purchase. CO the engineering consulting firms Buck- land & Taylor, Jenny Engineering Corp., Ben C. Gerwick, and Ocean and Coastal Consultants. ILF will continue its opera- tions in America in the areas of oil & gas and transportation & structures. COWI Purchases U.S. Tunnel Resources of ILF Consultants Inc. The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board of Directors on April 26 ap- proved a plan to proceed with a single- bore tunnel as part of its expansion project into San Jose. Planners were deciding between using a large single bore or more traditional twin-bore tunnels under San Jose. According to the San Jos cury oject involv- ing BART and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority could get begin by 2020. The approval was re- quired to secure $1.5 billion in federal funding. The single-bore proposed for San José would use one 45-ft diameter tun- nel b onstruct a 5-mile long circular tunnel structure. The boarding platforms will be con- structed one above the other inside the tunnel bore without construction dis- ruption at the surface. BART Board of Directors Approves Single-Bore Option in San Jose

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